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lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

SHOWCOOKING by the Spanish chef JORDI CRUZ (English version)

Hi bloggers,

Our blog “Entre ollas anda el fuego” had the great honour of having been selected among others to attend the showcooking made by Jordi Cruz, the youngest chef in Spain to get a Michelin star.

The event took place on Monday, April 26th in “Simply Fabulous”, and as the name of these premises suggests, the show was fabulous indeed. Nowadays, Jordi Cruz leads an advertising campaign made by the food brand Knorr to promote a new product: the stock reduction. This stock is being introduced by well-known chefs in different countries throughout the world. Jordi Cruz showed us how to use this product as the basic stock for excellent dishes through plain and simple explanations, and solving any doubt we could have.

But, obviously, the goal of this stock reduction is not only to be used by master chefs for high level cookery, but also by housewives in the daily cooking, since they have been made up, mainly, to be helpful in our everyday life. It consists of natural products boiled and reduced all together to produce a stock with a gelatinous consistency which makes it suitable to be added to any cream, purée, stew, sauce, roast, etc. You can choose among its three different versions: chicken, vegetables and meat. According to the latter, we think that it may be a good substitute for the famous (and so time-consuming!) Julia Child’s brown stock, because of its concentrated smell and taste, and I suppose this possibility will be highly appreciated by many people, including very especially the hard-working and self-sacrificing E.G.  

 However, apart from his fantastic culinary art, Jordi delighted us with interesting anecdotes, procedures and tricks, mere samples of his huge culture in gastronomy. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by his thorough knowledge of Chemistry. On the other hand, Jordi’s close and open temper, together with his innate skills as a good communicator, developed a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


Jordi Cruz and me


My friend Mar, who attended the show with me, with Jordi Cruz

To sum up, an extremely charming and interesting showcooking.

From this post, I would like to thank Jordi Cruz and the people in charge from Knorr for the gratifying experience we had the chance to live and for the good treatment we received. 

M.G. writing for Entre ollas anda el fuego

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